How To Grind Your Own Meat At Home Using Your Meat Grinder

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Do you want to grind your own meat to get quality, freshness, and required mincing to add flavor in your beverage?

It’s not a difficult job to learn how to grind meat.

Be aware what you are putting in your stomach and stick with grinding your own meat. You can get a better texture than is available in the market-bought varieties.

Make burgers, meatloaf, sausages and other recipes without the risk of food-borne illness or food poisoning.

You can appear like a cooking expert if you have a handy meat grinder on your kitchen countertop and follow the simple procedure for grinding meat.

. How to grind your own meat

Required Ingredients to Grind Meat

  • Tools: Before starting the job, you need some equipment. You need a meat grinder that should be capable enough to process your required meat. Second thing you are going to use is a sharp knife to cut your meat into cubes. You should also get a baking sheet when grinding your meat to prevent the countertop from clutter and mess
  • Meat: You want the best you can source. Get the bottom round, shoulder and chuck meat if you want to grind beef or pork. Dry meat will not add much taste to your recipe. It is better to process moistening and juicy meat to add flavor and try to put the meat cubes in the freezer for at least half an hour for better results

How To Grind Your Own Meat

1) Cutting Beef Chuck into Cubes

  • Use your knife to cut the meat into small cubes of 1.5 inches if you want to make hamburgers or process lamb meat, chicken, deer or beef. By doing so, you can process your meat more quickly, efficiently and precisely. You can use this meat in different sausages, stews and chili or for filling tacos

2) Freeze the Meat

  • After cutting meat into cubes, put the meat in freezer to solidify it partially for at least half an hour. It will help you to process your meat easily as it will be shaped in a better way to promote firmness. Your meat grinder should not get clogged even if the meat is dense. Spread these cubes on a baking sheet separated from each other. When the edges of the cubes get stiff but the inner is still supple, take them out of the freezer and start grinding. Now your meat is ready to be processed and will not get smeared

3) Chill Your Grinder

  • How to grind your own meat using your home grinder is easy and simple if you chill your grinding parts for half an hour before starting to grind. If your grinding plates and cutting blade are kept in the freezer for a little while, they will work more efficiently and will cut the meat without smearing or clogging

4) Keep Your Meat Chilled While Grinding

  • This is important and will prevent your meat from growing bacteria on it. Keep your meat in a hopper filled with ice cubes if you are going to process a large quantity. Your meat cubes will stay stiff and the grinding job will be done smoothly as well as stopping bacteria from accumulating

5Divide Your Meat Into Consignments

  • Don’t grind whole meat in one filling if the meat covers more than half of the grinder’s space otherwise you will not get the required grind. Moreover, if the meat is not properly ground, put the meat in the grinder once again and repeat the routine

6Temperature for Cooking Ground Meat

  • Once your meat is processed, it is better to use this fresh meat. However, you can freeze it and use it next time. For frozen meat, set the temperature to at least 165°F while cooking


How to best grind your own meat?

By following the above mentioned steps you can easily grind meat and prepare healthy and fresh foods in your own kitchen.

No doubt, market-bought ground meat and hamburgers can save time but it will not only cost you more than home processed food  but you are also going to miss the freshness, flavor and control over your diet.

If you have an electric meat grinder with a full set of accessories, you can win back some of this time and you will also get a variety of foodstuffs like sausages with added taste and known ingredients.

Read some honest reviews, do your research and buy the best meat grinder for you.

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