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If you have got a meat grinder, you must know how to use it and how will you take care of it. Meat grinder guides will help you.

Succulent Burgers: Grind Your Own With 5 Great Cuts

Are you the type of cook who likes to make everything from scratch?

If so, a meat grinder is absolutely essential for your kitchen. These devices are inexpensive and extremely versatile.

We’ll take a look today at the best way to produce fantastic burgers. If you want to know which cuts of meat work best for homemade burgers, you’ve come to the right place.

First thing’s first, though. Why should you bother to use a meat grinder?

Why Use A Meat Grinder?

grinding meat for burgers

There are two driving reasons behind most people grinding their own meat: safety and taste.

If you choose to grind your own, you retain full control over the ingredients. If you buy pre-ground meat from a butcher, on the other hand, you simply have no idea of where it came from.

Freshly ground beef undeniably tastes better, too. You can tweak the fattiness and taste according to your preference. There will no time for it to oxidize so you’ll enjoy a fresh burger precisely as you like it.

The difference is like comparing fresh herbs to the freeze-dried alternative… There’s no real comparison to be made. Homemade burgers win out every single time.


Let’s look now at 5 different cuts you can use.

Experiment with your burgers and see which cuts most tickle your taste buds.

Cuts of Meat For Burgers

When it comes to blends of meat, there’s no right or wrong answer for what works best. It’s very much a matter of personal preference.

The ideal is to shoot for around 25% fat. Enlist the help of your butcher if you are not confident gauging this by eye.


What are some of the best cuts for your burger?

1) Chuck

chuck for burgers

While they are no rules, chuck is generally the basis for burgers.

Chuck has a buttery, melt-in-the-mouth taste and texture. It’s an economical cut from inside the upper shoulder area. Chuck has the perfect balance of meat to fat along with a deep, rich flavor.

Many burgers are made entirely from this cut so you can’t go wrong with chuck.

If you fancy some variety, mix it up with some of the following options…

2) Sirloin

top sirloin

A mix of 80% chuck to 20% sirloin makes for a mean burger!

The sirloin helps to enhance the “beefiness” of the chuck. Blending it in this way is gaining in popularity.

Sirloin comes from the back portion of the cow. It’s often used for steaks, many quick-cooking recipes and, in this way combined with chuck, for delicious burgers.

There are several different types of sirloin with top sirloin considered superior.

3) Brisket


This cut comes from the lower chest.

Brisket is one of the nine primal cuts.

Grinding brisket helps to break down the connective tissue. There is plenty of this. Brisket muscles on a cow include the pectorals. Due to the absence of a collar bone, these muscles support over half the weight of the animal when it’s standing or moving around.

The elevated number of fatty acids mean that brisket is perfect to pop in your meat grinder if you’ve got burgers on your mind!

4) Round

round for burgers

If you’re looking to enrich the meaty taste of your burgers, get yourself some round steak.

This is found on the rear leg of the animal. Round steak is lean and fairly tough but works well with chuck to make a hearty burger.

If you happen to live in Brazil or Argentina, look out for rump cover. This is prized for its high fat content so it works wonderfully with burgers if you are lucky enough to find this particular cut.

You’ll often see round steak used to make pies or beef jerky. Why not give it a go in your next burger?

5) Short Rib

short rib

To finish up our 5 suggested cuts, consider opting for short rib to complement your chuck steak.

This cut is taken from a shortened portion of the rib bone where meat lies over the top.

Short rib will add a real richness to your burgers. This is due to the marbling and helps with the fat content needed for mouth-watering burgers.

Tip: If you want to boost the fat content further, ask your butcher to throw in some beef trimmings when you are picking up your supplies.

Now that you have a nice range of cuts to choose from – and remember, combine each of these with chuck for prime burgers – you need to know how to make them.

We’ll look now at some very straightforward instructions and you can be enjoying a home-made burger in less than the time it takes you to head to McDonald’s.

How To Make Your Burgers


The great news is that making your own burgers could not be much easier.

Just follow these simple tips and enjoy the magnificent feeling of a home-cooked burger in double-quick time.

  1. Before grinding, pop your chunks of meat in the freezer. Partially frozen meat works better in a grinder. This is because grinding up meat kicks off heat. This heat melts fat and you want plenty of fat for a succulent beef burger
  2. Grind your beef
  3. Make up some loose patties ensuring that you minimize how much you work the meat to prevent toughness. Allow plenty of separation, too
  4. Cook on a medium-high griddle until cooked through to medium
  5. Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  6. If you want toppings, think about homemade mayo, cheese, goat’s cheese or avocado. Use your imagination


Buying a meat grinder is a wise investment.

Take back control over what you put into your body and enjoy a tastier burger tailored to your desire.



Troubleshooting Some Basic Issues With Meat Grinders

Today, the market is glutted with various wonderful tools and appliances that capture people’s attention.

These varying sized machines compel customers to hand over their money and gladly make the purchase. One such wonderful and innovative machine is a very helpful kitchen appliance – the electric meat grinder.

Before electric meat grinders, people either used manual grinders or bought pre-ground meat from the grocery stores. Now, the problem with manual grinders is that they slow you down immensely. In addition to this, the muscle effort involved is terribly exhausting. If you go for ground meat available in grocery stores, it is an open invitation to various chemicals and nasty additives to damage your health.

Healthy and tasty food preparation has never been easier since the advent of the meat grinder. You can cook a lot of new recipes at home while not longer needing to be concerned about the hygiene level of meat you buy from the market.

A meat grinder cuts down on your constant trips to the store for the sake of buying and also reduces the price you pay. You can control the thickness and texture of meat.

Since there are many advantages of using meat grinders, you should take really good care of this amazing electric machine when it comes down to maintenance.

Troubleshooting Your Meat Grinder

While using meat grinders, some issues may arise that affect performance. Some basic problems aren’t that critical and you can easily trace and get rid of them.

You don’t need expert technicians for repairing your meat grinder.

Here are some basic issues that you can easily resolve by yourself… meat grinder

Problem Switching On

The grinders on the market today either use the rechargeable battery pack as a power source or you plug them into the main supply. If the grinder being used doesn’t turn on, check the power supply. Once you plug in the grinder, make sure that the cord isn’t damaged. Also, check the outlet to which it is connected. If the meat grinder has a rechargeable battery pack, you should check whether the battery is fully charged or not. This can be done by buying a supplementary battery pack for an electronic machine.

Grinder Head Issues

The head of a meat grinder plays a vital role in the unit. It is responsible for pushing down the meat to the blades for grinding. Sometimes, when you need to grind meat for a special dinner, the grinder is unable to do so consistently and evenly. If faced by this issue, instead of panicking, your can easily rectify the problem. These are the steps that should be followed…

  • Remove the battery
  • Expose the head by opening the unit
  • Make sure that the head is properly attached. In order to do so, press down the grinder head. If you experience resistance then your head is tightly attached to the unit
  • If it’s not, remove the pins holding the unit and then insert them again

Issues with Grinder Teeth

As time goes by, the grinder’s teeth wear down with excessive usage. This is inevitable if you grind meat and bones. In order to enjoy maximum benefits from your meat grinder, its teeth must be sharp enough. If your machine is bothering you, you need to make sure that the teeth are in good shape. For tracing and dealing with this issue, follow these simple directions…

  • Disconnect your grinder from the electric supply
  • Remove the casing
  • Once the casing is removed, detach the teeth from the unit. This isn’t a complicated task as they are held in place by only a few screws
  • Proper inspection of the teeth will show you if they are in working condition or need to be replaced
  • If the teeth require replacing, purchase them from a restaurant supply store or directly order them from the manufacturers

Friction Problems

One of the major causes of user dissatisfaction is the friction they encounter while using the meat grinder.

Why is this?

  • Grinding unfrozen meat is very messy. To eliminate this problem, all that is required is to put the meat in the freezer for thirty minutes. Wait and grind!
  • Another thing that can cause friction is grinding up cartilage and tendons with your meat. So, before grinding the meat inspect it and then put it in the grinder

Drying Meat

Some users experience a little drying of the meat while they grind it. If you add oil or some natural fat to the meat grinder you can easily avoid this issue.


The electric meat grinder is one of the most important appliances that you could have in your kitchen.

If you are health conscious and want to prepare tasty food for your family without nasty additives and chemicals, this tool will help you out.

During its lifespan, some problems may arise and affect its performance and efficiency. Some of these issues aren’t critical in nature so you don’t have to go running straight to a technician. You can take care of such minor problems by yourself.

Invest in a meat grinder and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment

A KitchenAid meat grinder attachment does many tasks of kitchen in one handy, single unit.

If you have a meat grinder attachment in your kitchen, you are free from the hassle of getting separate kitchen appliances like a pasta maker, food mincer or sausage stuffe. With the help of this multitasking gadget, you will save money while multitasking. From grinding meat to making baby food, preparing pasta, bread crumbs, salsa and spreads,  a meat grinder is a flexible, versatile addition to your kitchen.

How to Use The KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment

Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Attachment

The KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment is a fantastic tool to add flavor to your daily meals.

Cut the meat into small cubes and throw them into the meat tray but keep in mind to put the meat in freezer for a while before grinding to avoid smearing of the meat.

Process sausage mixtures with your sausage stuffer, prepare spaghetti, macaronis and baby food with the Pasta Maker and enjoy new flavors and old favorites.

Cleaning is a breeze as most parts are dishwasher safe. Just hand wash the blade and cutting knife to avoid any injury and keep them razor sharp.

Before attaching the Stand Mixer Attachment, make sure it is unplugged and switched off. Unfasten the knob by turning it anticlockwise and take out the hub cover. Fix the shaft housing into the hub with care. Now tighten the attachment knob by turning clockwise.

To assemble a meat grinder attachment, you need to slot the grinding worm into the body of grinder and place the cutting knife at the extended end of the worm over the square shank.

Afterward, place the coarse or fine grinding plate over the cutting knife and then place the ring on the grinder body. Turn the ring to secure it but don’t overtighten it.

When the unit is ready for operation, run the grinder at speed 4 and start grinding away. If you are grinding beef, it is better to run the meat through the grinder twice to get a better texture. However, if the meat is full of fat do it once otherwise you’ll lose these valuable fats. Use the coarse grinding plate first if you are dealing with beef, dense veggies, dry fruit, bread and cheese. After the first grind, you can change the grinding plate from coarse to fine for optimum texture.

When you have done all this, it’s time to dismantle the unit and put it in the dishwasher 9except the blade and knife).

Use warm soapy water to remove all remnants and avoid bacteria building. Dry all parts immediately after washing to prevent discoloring and rust.

The KitchenAid meat grinder attachment is a great best solution for many kitchen jobs.

Here is a short review of one of the best KitchenAid meat grinder attachments…

KitchenAid Stand Mixers Food Grinder Attachment review

The Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Attachment is highly efficient, durable and multitasking.

It’s capable of mincing meat, making salsa and making bread crumbs.

By getting this fabulous product, you will make great savings as you will not need to buy a separate meat grinder.

There are few products in the meat grinder family which are dishwasher safe but the KitchenAid Meat Grinder Attachment is an exception. The whole unit is dishwasher safe. It’s just the cutting blade that needs to be washed by hand to maintain the sharpness of the edges.


Kitchenaid Meat Grinder AttachmentVersatility: A versatile unit that can grind meat, hard cheese, bread crumbs, salsas and spreads

Compatibility: Could be coupled with any stand mixer by KitchenAid. No need to buy a separate mixer when using the KitchenAid meat grinder attachment

Suppleness: Other than grinding meat, it is also useful for preparing jams, chutney, relish, apple and mango sauces

Other edibles: Make delicious Italian gourmet meals like pasta, macaronis, noodles, and spaghetti with the Pasta Maker

Sausage Stuffing: Prepare different sausages with ease

Accessories: Two coarse and fine grinding plates,  a wooden stomper, and a wrench

See More Review on Amazon


  • The KitchenAid meat grinder attachment grinds 2lbs of thick meat in 10 minutes which is great for small, busy families
  • Very affordable pricing and no need to buy a separate meat grinder
  • Highly durable and compatible made from fine metal and plastic. Also, nearly all parts are dishwasher safe
  • Other than grinding meat, you can make a number of other edibles like sausages, macaronis, pastas, spreads and relishes


  • The cutting blade is not good enough to cut some meat efficiently, especially if you put larger pieces in the auger. It needs repeatedly cleaning if you are dealing with large quantities of meat
  • Grinding plates are not stainless steel

Who This Product Is Best For

The KitchenAid meat grinder attachment is best for small families or couples and individuals to add flavor to their daily meals.

If you are a food lover and looking for a multitasking meat grinder attachment to prepare a wide variety of gourmet meals, sausages, pasta and chutneys then this product is ideal for the purpose. However, it is not as efficient a meat grinder as more commercial units.

What People Are Saying About It

By far the bulk of readers are extremely happy with this product and there is not much which people report back negatively.

See More Review on Amazon


The KitchenAid Stand Mixer Meat Grinder Attachment is the perfect kitchen gadget to add texture to your daily meals.

It is affordable in every way, whether you think about its price tag or its multitasking functionality. Just buy one and get lots of food appliances in one bundle.

Take care of your meat grinder attachment and it should serve you well for years to come.

Make Sausages Using A Meat Grinder

If you think that making sausage is only for professionals then you are wrong.

Making sausages is an easy job and anybody can do it.

There are some basic requirements you will need to arrange and the most basic thing is a meat grinder that can deal with your meat perfectly.

If you are a meat lover then the idea of making your own sausages is intriguing.

By making sausages using a meat grinder you are not just controlling the flavor but also helping yourself towards a healthy diet full of vital fats and nutrients.

Sausages contain meat, condiments and fat which means you are going to add flavor and healthy ingredients to your diet.

Follow these step by step instructions and enjoy great taste with full texture.

Make Sausages Using A Meat Grinder: Are You Ready?

Make Sausage Using Meat Grinder

Continue reading


Top 5 Awesome Meat Grinder Ideas and Recipes

Long ago, people used to go to a butcher to have their meat ground up.

There were two choices at that time: grinding meat by hand at home or buying it pre-ground from a butcher.

It’s hard to determine whether butchers are grinding meat in a clean and safe environment and what ingredients are going to be part of your meat? All these things were hidden from the customer. That ground meat could be full of bacteria and chemicals. Grinding meat yourself removes these issues.

Once meat grinders and then electric meat grinders came onto the market, people released a sigh of relief. Over time, the meat grinder industry introduced a huge variety of products with various features, accessories and different qualities to help you prepare your meat in your own kitchen. Now you can rack up a wide range of healthy dishes with your own hands and these meat grinders will save your precious time.

Here are 5 top meat grinder ideas to make recipes with your meat grinder in no time.

Make these healthy recipes in a clean environment and add flavor according to your choice and taste with your own best meat grinder.

 Below Are The Top 5 Meat Grinder Recipes

1. Barbecue Pork Burger Recipe

Barbecue Pork Burger Recipe meat grinder ideas

Making a barbecue pork burger is an easy cooking task if you have a meat grinder in your kitchen to grind the pork according to your desire. Barbecue pork burger is one of the tastiest, easiest meat grinder ideas you and your kids and friends will enjoy. Continue reading