Troubleshooting Some Basic Issues With Meat Grinders

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Today, the market is glutted with various wonderful tools and appliances that capture people’s attention.

These varying sized machines compel customers to hand over their money and gladly make the purchase. One such wonderful and innovative machine is a very helpful kitchen appliance – the electric meat grinder.

Before electric meat grinders, people either used manual grinders or bought pre-ground meat from the grocery stores. Now, the problem with manual grinders is that they slow you down immensely. In addition to this, the muscle effort involved is terribly exhausting. If you go for ground meat available in grocery stores, it is an open invitation to various chemicals and nasty additives to damage your health.

Healthy and tasty food preparation has never been easier since the advent of the meat grinder. You can cook a lot of new recipes at home while not longer needing to be concerned about the hygiene level of meat you buy from the market.

A meat grinder cuts down on your constant trips to the store for the sake of buying and also reduces the price you pay. You can control the thickness and texture of meat.

Since there are many advantages of using meat grinders, you should take really good care of this amazing electric machine when it comes down to maintenance.

Troubleshooting Your Meat Grinder

While using meat grinders, some issues may arise that affect performance. Some basic problems aren’t that critical and you can easily trace and get rid of them.

You don’t need expert technicians for repairing your meat grinder.

Here are some basic issues that you can easily resolve by yourself…

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Problem Switching On

The grinders on the market today either use the rechargeable battery pack as a power source or you plug them into the main supply. If the grinder being used doesn’t turn on, check the power supply. Once you plug in the grinder, make sure that the cord isn’t damaged. Also, check the outlet to which it is connected. If the meat grinder has a rechargeable battery pack, you should check whether the battery is fully charged or not. This can be done by buying a supplementary battery pack for an electronic machine.

Grinder Head Issues

The head of a meat grinder plays a vital role in the unit. It is responsible for pushing down the meat to the blades for grinding. Sometimes, when you need to grind meat for a special dinner, the grinder is unable to do so consistently and evenly. If faced by this issue, instead of panicking, your can easily rectify the problem. These are the steps that should be followed…

  • Remove the battery
  • Expose the head by opening the unit
  • Make sure that the head is properly attached. In order to do so, press down the grinder head. If you experience resistance then your head is tightly attached to the unit
  • If it’s not, remove the pins holding the unit and then insert them again

Issues with Grinder Teeth

As time goes by, the grinder’s teeth wear down with excessive usage. This is inevitable if you grind meat and bones. In order to enjoy maximum benefits from your meat grinder, its teeth must be sharp enough. If your machine is bothering you, you need to make sure that the teeth are in good shape. For tracing and dealing with this issue, follow these simple directions…

  • Disconnect your grinder from the electric supply
  • Remove the casing
  • Once the casing is removed, detach the teeth from the unit. This isn’t a complicated task as they are held in place by only a few screws
  • Proper inspection of the teeth will show you if they are in working condition or need to be replaced
  • If the teeth require replacing, purchase them from a restaurant supply store or directly order them from the manufacturers

Friction Problems

One of the major causes of user dissatisfaction is the friction they encounter while using the meat grinder.

Why is this?

  • Grinding unfrozen meat is very messy. To eliminate this problem, all that is required is to put the meat in the freezer for thirty minutes. Wait and grind!
  • Another thing that can cause friction is grinding up cartilage and tendons with your meat. So, before grinding the meat inspect it and then put it in the grinder

Drying Meat

Some users experience a little drying of the meat while they grind it. If you add oil or some natural fat to the meat grinder you can easily avoid this issue.


The electric meat grinder is one of the most important appliances that you could have in your kitchen.

If you are health conscious and want to prepare tasty food for your family without nasty additives and chemicals, this tool will help you out.

During its lifespan, some problems may arise and affect its performance and efficiency. Some of these issues aren’t critical in nature so you don’t have to go running straight to a technician. You can take care of such minor problems by yourself.

Invest in a meat grinder and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Jimmy LeFlore - November 16, 2016

My electric meat grinder gets hot at the motor end of the auger. I cannot figure out why. Any suggestions???

Verna lawson - May 12, 2018

Its is griping any thing

Joaquim Fernandes - October 27, 2020

My meat grinder is tripping the mains switch as soon as its turned on what could cause this to happen


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