Instructions – Using a Meat Grinder

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There are many reasons to grind meat at home.

People want to add flavor and texture while taking control of their diet and putting fresh food on the table.

A meat grinder is a wise purchase if you want to process your meat and make sausages at home. There could be chemicals and preservatives in market-bought ground meat, and that’s a big no-no that you can avoid with your meat grinder.

Each unit comes with an operating manual that tells you how to assemble it, how to use the grinder, how to clean its parts, how much time you can use it in one session, and how to store it. Keep this safe and consult it as needed.

If your grinder has a stand mixer attachment, you can grind meat faster, about 6 to 8.

Here are a few simple steps you should take before and after your meat grinding job…

Used meat grinder

Used Your Meat Grinder 

Chill Everything Before Starting To Grind

Before starting your grinding job, the most important thing is to put your meat in the freezer for at least 30 minutes. When the meat is warm, you will smear it and waste all the juices that are the most important ingredient in your homemade foods. It is also crucial to place the grinding plate and cutting blade in the freezer (especially if your grinder is new) to get the best results. When making sausages, you will have to carry out your grinding process in many batches, and you will need to fill your ground meat bowl with ice to keep the texture of your meat as it should be.

Trim Your Meat Before Grinding

Pieces of ligament and other tissues are the main reason for smearing your meat while grinding. Don’t feed the meat into the hopper if it is not trimmed well. The sinew and gristle will jam the blade of the grinder, and not only will the meat get smeared, but your cutting blade will also get dreary and dull. After removal of the gristle and sinew, cut the meat into small cubes for a good grind.

Be Cautious of Smearing

It would be best if you were extra vigilant while grinding your meat regarding smearing. Keep an eye on the meat coming out of the grinder. Check whether it is well-ground and coming out slickly or not. If the meat is not dropping into the meat tray and accumulating around the grinding plate and blade, stop the machine and unclog it; run the machine in reverse (if you have a reverse option). Otherwise, you will have to open the blade and plate to remove the patches of meat.

What to Do When Making Sausages?

When preparing any sausage, you will need several batches of grind. Grind the meat from larger to smaller dies. This way, you will get a nice grind, and your meat will not smudge. To add texture to the sausages, salt your meat before grinding. This will make your sausages much better with added texture.

Sharpen Your Blade IfIt’ss Dull

Blades are not expensive. If your grinder blade is dull, your grinder will get clogged, and the meat will smear. Keep the blade sharp and jagged. A stainless steel blade will stay longer than made of other metal, but you must still pay attention to the blade and sharpen it at least once a year. Replace it every few years.

Keep the Plates Clean

Keeping the plates clean is particularly critical. Hand wash your plate and remove all meat remnants from it carefully; otherwise, bacteria will attack the surface and inner parts of the endangering yourself and your family. Get hot, soapy water to clean the plate. Wash it after each grinding process. Dry the washed plate with a clean cloth to prevent corrosion.


If you love to process game, are a housewife fond of cooking, or are a commercial chef in a restaurant, you might use a meat grinder regularly. Knowing how to use a meat grinder and take care of it after using it is important.

These simple tips and guidelines will help you to take care of your meat grinder and keep eating healthy and fresh foods full of vibrant texture.

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