Make Sausages Using A Meat Grinder

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If you think that making sausage is only for professionals then you are wrong.

Making sausages is an easy job and anybody can do it.

There are some basic requirements you will need to arrange and the most basic thing is a meat grinder that can deal with your meat perfectly.

If you are a meat lover then the idea of making your own sausages is intriguing.

By making sausages using a meat grinder you are not just controlling the flavor but also helping yourself towards a healthy diet full of vital fats and nutrients.

Sausages contain meat, condiments and fat which means you are going to add flavor and healthy ingredients to your diet.

Follow these step by step instructions and enjoy great taste with full texture.

Make Sausages Using A Meat Grinder: Are You Ready?

Make Sausage Using Meat Grinder

Going To Make Sausages? Get Your Essentials Ready

Put the meat in the freezer for half an hour before you start making the sausages. A nice, juicy and cold meat is the key to making the most succulent sausages with a meat grinder. Clean the meat grinder thoroughly and sharpen the blades otherwise dull blade will smear the meat and all the juices will go to waste. Put all the ingredients to one side so you can grind the meat before getting it warm. Mix all the ingredients gently with your hands. If you want to make sausage links, a casing is essential. Buy a hand-made collagen casing or explore other available options.

Other Important Things To Note

Selecting the ingredients is very important to make sausages full of texture. The main rudiments are juicy meat, fat and the perfect blend of garlic, salt, onion and black pepper. Use some sort of liquid as a binding agent. This could be any fruit juice, cream, wine or just the water. Select the best meat for your sausage like deer, pork, beef or lamb containing 20-30% fat. Once all these essentials are gathered, you are ready to make sausages using your meat grinder.

Cool The Meat And Fat

Put the meat and even the meat grinder parts (if you have space) in your freezer to chill down and guarantee you the perfect texture for your sausages. Don’t allow the meat to get too frozen otherwise your best meat grinder’s motor will be in trouble. By freezing the meat a bit, you will preserve the fat and meat juices without smearing taking place. During the grinding process, place the unground meat in a bowl filled with ice to avoid warming it. Make sausages using your meat grinder by grinding the meat and fat well so that the fat absorb totally in the mixture. Make sure to remove any connective tissue or gristle from your cuts before starting.


Gather all your spices including the liquid and mix them up so that all your spices like black pepper, grated onion, garlic and salt absorb deeply throughout the meat and fat. Don’t integrate the ingredients with a lot of pulverizing.

Link Them Together

Immerse the casings in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. When you are going to use the casings, wash them with cold water. Glide the end of the casing against the tube of the sausage stuffer and fasten it with a knot at the opposite end. When the casing is filled, place it on a clean surface. Select the length of link you want and then squeeze the sausage by twisting the link. Continue with this until the stuffed casing is finished. After getting the sausages length fixed and twisted, hang the sausage links on a rack to let them dry. You can also measure the weight of sausages if you want equal sized links.

Cooking Fresh Sausages

One you have completed sausage making with your best meat grinder, you can now enjoy fresh and healthy sausages any times. If you have made sausage in patty shapes to prepare on the grill, there will give off a great flavor.

Here is a simple recipe to make sausages using a meat grinder for breakfast.

How To Make Homemade Sausages


A simple recipe for breakfast sausages is…

  • Beef or pork meat (1 lbs)
  • Pickling salt (1 tsp)
  • Ground black pepper, (1/4 tsp)
  • Sage (1/2 tso)
  • Ginger: (1/8 tsp)
  • Nutmeg, thyme and paprika (1/4 tsp each)
  • Liquid (1/8 cup wine, vinegar or simple water

By following this simple procedure, you are going to enjoy the healthy meals with added flavor all the time.

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