Best Meat Grinder Reviews And Buying Guide 2016

There is a large variety of meat grinders available on the market nowadays. These meat grinders vary in shape, function, material, pricing, power consumption and in many other ways. It can be tough to choose the right one, the model which ticks all the boxes and falls within the budget. A meat grinder is an essential appliance in every kitchen nowadays because it makes it so easy to chop and grind meat in no time. You don’t have to go to the market and throw your money away or pay for grinding and slicing services from a butcher.

If you are a housewife or a professional chef, a decent meat grinder is a smart purchase. If you are going to buy a meat grinder, why not get detailed information to avoid throwing your cash on a piece that will not meet your requirements? Some people cut their meat by hand but how about if you need  to chop and slice a large quantity of meat? It's time for a grinder! We have researched 3 of the best meat grinders that will  not only meet your kitchen needs but will not break the bank either.

Top Best Meat Grinders Reviews 2016

So... on to the meat grinder reviews. These models are from top class companies and we are here to make it easy for you to get acquainted with their specifications, prices, and benefits. Keep on reading and buy the best model for your needs.

Top Meat Grinder Comparison Table

Detailed Meat Grinder Reviews

1.LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder

LEM Products .75 HP Best Meat GrinderThe LEM Products .75 HP Stainless Steel Electric meat grinder stands among the best meat grinders due to its proficiency, affordable price and popularity. When we compare its price tag with other similar products, this wonderful piece of kitchen kit offers outstanding value. Its motor runs with real power and it can grind 360 lbs meat in just one hour. If you have a large family or you are a professional chef and grind large quantities of meat, you would really benefit from this top notch grinder. This sturdy and robust meat grinder with a massive but balanced handle weighs 74 pounds. The handle of the grinder can easily be moved.

All parts of LEM grinders are made of metal to enhance toughness. The motor of the grinder stays well lubricated and its auger has powerful features that are capable of pulling meat rapidly and efficiently. You can count on the LEM grinder’s performance and durability. This eye-catching grinder is equipped with a 110volt motor with permanent lubrication, durable auger, housing and a stainless steel head.

Many accessories are included in the pack such as a grinder knife, two stuffing plates, a stainless steel meat pan, 3 stuffing tubes, a meat stomper and a sturdy handle. The product comes with a 2-year warranty. It has a built in circuit breaker. LEM uses the exceptional Big Bite technology in its sturdily-built grinders to satisfy a wide variety of customers. You can put a heavy load on the motor and it will still run smoothly. There is no plastic used in any part of this best meat grinder and, bolstered with tough metal, you can run this product for many years.

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2. Stx Turboforce 3000 Series 3 Speed Electric Meat Grinder

STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric

The STX TurboForce 3000 Series 3 Speed Electric meat grinder is a high-quality product which is very popular due to its rich features and tough build. It is a high powered grinder and its motor has a peak output power of 3 kilowatts which is capable of grinding large quantities of meat and bone in minutes. It is a great time saver and result-oriented machine. It comes with three cutting blades made of stainless steel, tempered steel grinding plates with three different sizes (coarse, medium and fine). All parts of the machine have strong anti-corrosion ability and will last well. The size of this heavy-duty grinder is 12 inches and it will handle as much meat as you wish to grind. As the motor wattage is 3000, it will not get too warm if you large pieces of meat frequently. However, if you are a professional and work in a restaurant with hundreds of pounds meat to grind, then you will have to give it some rest during your meat grinding.

The STX TurboForce 3000 Series 3 Speed Electric meat grinder has been a best selling product in the USA for a number of years and has been exceptionally well-reviewed. This beautiful kitchen piece has great functionality and is very durable with an  eye-catching shape. It can be adjusted easily anywhere over the countertop. It is very sleek and weighs just 12 pounds which means it can be picked up easily. The unit has a built-in circuit breaker for optimum safety. This meat grinder comes with three stuffing tubes and a set of three sausage tubes. This worthwhile investment is economically priced with a 1 year replace and repair guarantee. If you are looking for a top-notch, sturdy, beautiful and affordable meat grinder for your large family, you should seriously consider the STX TurboForce 3000 Series 3 Speed Electric meat grinder. Quite simply, it has pretty much everything you could ask for.

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3. Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Electric Meat Grinder

Do you want to buy a meat grinder to fulfill your kitchen needs but don’t have the budget to meet your desires? Well, you can have what you want without spending a fortune with the Sunmile SM-G73 meat grinder. It’s the best choice for those with limited cash. 

The Sunmile SM-G73 ETL stainless steel meat grinder has a motor with 600 watts of power and its lock power goes up to 1kw. It is rated as 1.6 HP which is enough to handle even a large family kitchen and can grind 185 lbs meat per hour. This grinder is capable of dealing with 60 to 100 lbs in one sitting and the device will not get overheated. Just use it for 20 minutes then give it a 10 to 15 minute break to let cool it down. There is also a built in circuit breaker for safe and smooth operation. This grinder has a diameter of 2.5 inches.

The grinder works efficiently due to its spiral design. The unit comes with one cutting blade and three grinding plates with small, medium, and coarse sizes. The material is stainless steel. The housing of the unit is made of aluminum with stainless steel coating. The feeding tubes and tray are also made of aluminum. Fine plastic is used to make its internal gears. The set has three sausage stuffing with a kubbe attachment made of durable plastic. The grinder is operated with three buttons, one for switching ON/OFF, one Reverse button to prevent the machine from jamming and the third a Reset button. One plastic meat pusher is also a part of this package. The unit comes with a 1 year warranty from its date of purchase.

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Factors When Buying A Meat Grinder

There is a huge variety of meat grinders on the market. They all have different functions, specifications, attachments, facilities, qualities and prices. If you are unaware of all these things, it will be difficult for you to buy an appropriate meat grinder for your needs. Every home and commercial kitchen needs a meat grinder. If you want to protect yourself from the preservatives in foods, it’s wise to grind your meat according to your taste. This article will help you to find a suitable best meat grinder for your requirements.

There are three types of meat grinders for different purposes. We will discuss the varieties of meat grinders later but here is an introduction to the differences…

  1. Manual meat grinders
  2. Standalone or Electric meat grinders
  3. Commercial meat grinders

Each type has its own features and benefits. Here we will discuss how to find the best meat grinder and what factors you should consider when making a purchase.

A manual grinder is the best for occasional users who have no intention of grinding large quantities of meat. They are also superb when electricity load shedding occurs frequently. These grinders are also very economical.

The standalone or electric meat grinders come with different attachments and accessories. They can be operated with electricity. If you grind meat on a regular basis and in large quantities, this type is best for you.

Commercial meat grinders are also electricity-operated grinders and are best for those who want to use them for grinding meat industrially.

Analyze your needs and you can then choose the best option when you know what you really want from the appliance.

Before buying a meat grinder, you should know your requirements, examine the product specifications, functions, attachments and accessories. Study the price and materials used in the body and accessories of the meat grinder.

Make the right choice!

Factors To Consider When Buying A Meat Grinder

If you want to be in full charge of what is going in your stomach, you need to prepare your meals with your own hands. But, without a meat grinder, it will be difficult for you because if you need ground meat you will simply have to believe what the butcher is telling you. So, if you have made your mind up to buy a meat grinder, you will have to consider a few factors to best meet your needs…

• Quantity of Meat

The first thing you should think about before buying a meat grinder is the meat quantity. If you use meat occasionally, a simple hand grinder is sufficient. However, if you use meat regularly and also have a large family, want to make sausages on your own, have pets and grind foods for them, a normal manual grinder will simply not cut the ice. You will need a large grinder with a powerful motor and a set of attachments and accessories to perform all your kitchen duties easily and in a timely fashion. Electric grinders are best for this purpose as these grinders are available with a multitude of features and come equipped with motors varying in power.

• Stand Mixers

If you are not a meat addict and don’t grind large quantities of meat then a stand mixer is ideal. If you already have a stand mixer then just buy a grinding attachment and your needs are fulfilled.

• Quality

If you are a regular user of meat and sausages and can afford to pay some extra cash, you should purchase a high quality product. If the material used in a grinder is plastic or aluminum, it will not last long. Stainless steel parts, a powerful motor,  a heavy-duty handle and a full set of attachments/accessories will cost you a bit more but it will be a nice addition to your kitchen for a long time and represents a sound investment.

• Grinder Size

It is important to note what size meat grinder you want. Many grinders indicate the size clearly. Normally these numbers start from #5 and goes up to #32. The grinder size shows the diameter of the grinding plate and feeding tube. Smaller grinders will have a low-powered motor. So, if you want a powerful grinder, shoot for a larger version.

• What Do You Want to Grind?

It is important to consider this element carefully. If you have pets and want to prepare their food at home, you will need a larger grinder that can handle meat as well as bones. A minimum size #12 grinder is the best bet. With sizes between #22 and #32, you can throw a whole chicken leg piece straight in without breaking it down into small pieces.

• Stainless Steel

For a stainless steel grinder, you will have to outlay more cash but it will last longer than other materials. A stainless steel grinder has accessories made of the same metal and it makes for durability and reliability. However, a stainless steel grinder weighs much more than a plastic made with the same size and if you frequently change the position of your meat grinder it can be more difficult to move a stainless steel grinder.

• Budget

Another important consideration to factor in is the price of a meat grinder. If you opt for a lesser quality model with less attachments, you will pay proportionally less. Decide what you can afford for your specific requirements. A basic meat grinder performs the same function and you should get one if don’t have adequate funds for a pricier model. On the other hand, a meat grinder is a long time investment so it’s worth waiting and saving if you really want a quality product.

Types of Meat Grinder

There are a large number of meat grinder models available on the global market and they are divided into three main categories.

Every model has different specs and functions and should be selected according to your requirements and budget. You should target the grinder that fulfills your needs and is built to last with the best selection of attachments and functions.

• Manual Meat Grinders

manual meat grinder

Manual meat grinders don’t need electric power and can be operated by hand. Some meat grinders have clamps you can bolt onto the tabletop or countertop in the kitchen. These kind of grinders are very stable to use. However, they come with a downside: the clamps can cause problems as they tend to get loose and slippery with regular use. You can overcome this issue by placing a rough cloth under the clamps.
As it is operated manually, the speed of grinding is very low and it will not suit those who want to use it on a regular basis or for commercial use. This type is best if you have electricity issues or don’t want to pay extra electricity bills. Many people cannot afford expensive grinders and this type fills that gap. Another important thing to note about manual meat grinders is that maintenance is reduced because they don’t have electric circuits that can burn due to overloading, short circuiting or other electricity snags.

• Standalone or Electric Meat Grinders

Standalone or Electric Meat GrindersStandalone meat grinders are also called electric meat grinders. They are perfect for those people who frequently need meat grinding in large quantities, either at home or commercially. Standalone meat grinders come with various attachments and accessory sets varying in quality. Their prices also fluctuate according to the accessories, features, motor power and material. They are more expensive than manual units. You can grind substantial amounts of meat in less time and they are made in attractive shapes and designs. These machines are real time savers as they can process a large volumes of meat within minutes. Most of the grinders in this class come with sets of grinding plates, cutting blades, trays, sausage stuffing and kubbe attachments.

• Commercial Meat Grinders

Commercial Meat GrindersFor those who grind meat and prepare sausages on a commercial level, these types of grinders are fantastic. They work more efficiently than electric meat grinders as the motors are much more powerful. These are equipped with more attachment pieces and options to perform various functions. Commercial meat grinders can grind hundreds of pounds of meat in a single session. They are also available with different qualities and functions with price tags to match.

How to Use and Care For Your Grinder

• Whether you are using a manual meat grinder, a standalone or a commercial one, it is really rather simple to use and grind your meat. What makes for a long life with any home or kitchen appliance is how you take care for it and carry out its maintenance. If you don’t taking care of cleaning of any item, no matter how costly and durable the material, it will not function properly in the long run. Maintenance is the key to anything if you want maximum output with minimum fuss. The same applies to meat grinders. If you purchased the best meat grinder made of heavy-duty, rough and tough material, it’s liable to start malfunctioning in short order without proper care.

•  Always operate your machine as described in its operation instructional manual. If it is suggested not to use the machine in one session for more than 20 minutes, pay attention and prevent the motor from overheating and burning out. It is essential to follow the instructions.

• Trim your meat before grinding it otherwise the fats and muscles will gather around the blade and will cause it to become dull and dreary. If you wanted chopped meat, it will become masticated instead. Trimming it will avoid this situation.

• Observe the meat coming out from the grinder closely to prevent it from smudging. It should come out of every hole in distinct tiny pieces. If the fats were not isolated from the meat during trimming, these fats will cause you problems. If you have a reverse facility on your grinder, run your machine in reverse otherwise you will have to dismantle the unit to clear this malfunctioning.

• Cutting blades play a vital role in grinding your meat so take good care of them and keep them sharp and rust free. When you don’t trim meat and it comes with fat, these fats can cause the cutting blades to get dull and these dull blades will start smearing the meat. When you are about to start grinding, make sure that the blade and grinding plate are fully tightened. If some fats are stuck on the blade, wash it with care and sharpen it if necessary.

• If you are going to grind a large quantity of meat, it is better to wash your blade and grinding plate in the middle of grinding for smoothest operation. Don’t throw the parts in the dishwasher but instead clean them separately then immediately dry them to avoid rust. If you want fine grinding to make different types of sausages, grind your meat in two steps. Your meat will not smear and will take on a better texture for your sausages.

• While make sausage and burgers, the meat should be salted. Salted meat will give you a superior texture. Salt will dissolve proteins that allow the mixture to crosslink easily. After grinding the meat, put a chunk of paper towels into the grinder and run the motor. This action will push the remnants of stray meat out of the plate, feed tube and shaft of the grinder. One or two pieces of bread will work more efficiently than a paper towel because bread will work like a sponge and will soak-up all meat remnants.

• If you take good care of your meat grinder, it will remain serviceable and perform strongly. If you follow the instructions and carry out proper maintenance, your machine will remain consistent and stay serviceable for several years.

Guide To Grinding Your Own Meat With a Meat Grinder





If you want to protect yourself and your family from horrible preservatives with chemical additives, take charge and invest in a solid meat grinder.

Grinding your meat with your own hands has many plus points. You can grind meat according to your taste, you know that what you are grinding and, consequently, you are going to eat what you want instead of taking different chemicals into your body through your food.

A meat grinder can actually be responsible for saving money in the long run. You are not only saving your money but also you are saving your precious time. If you love to experiment with different recipes at home, a quality meat grinder will help you to prepare different dishes in no time.

Take your time, study this site, read plenty of reviews and select the meat grinder which is best suited to your specific needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries. We do our best to answer as promptly as possible.