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There are lots of food companies serving packed vegetables and meat all over the world. Many people were buying these foods to save the time and processing hassle with their own hands. However, there was always a big concern about getting prepared food from the market, especially when it comes to meat.

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You don’t know what ingredients you are going to eat and feed your family. Meat ground by professionals might contain preservatives or the type of meat you don’t want to eat. Then, a new trend flourished with people starting to grind their meat in their own homes. A kitchen appliance was introduced to the market enabling people to grind meat independently and this was the meat grinder. Some time ago, when electricity was not common in all areas, manual meat grinders were very popular among carnivores.

In time, different companies started manufacturing electric meat grinders but they didn’t stop manufacturing manual meat grinders. What is the reason behind it and why do people still buy manual meat grinders? I think there are many advantages to manual meat grinders over the electric variety. Let’s view some of those benefits now along with the downside…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Meat Grinder


  • The first and most important advantage of a manual meat grinder is its cost. A manual meat grinder costs much less than an electric version. If you are quite well-off then you can get what you long for but there are many people those can’t afford to spend much on this type of kitchen gadgets. A manual meat grinder is the best choice for those people and they also can enjoy the full texture in their daily foods.
  • An electric meat grinder takes more space than a manual meat grinder due to its large size and if you have a small kitchen space, the manual kind can be easily placed anywhere.
  • Many people live in remote areas where there is no widespread availability of power or where load shedding is common. What will you do if it’s time to prepare food for your family and the power shuts down? The best answer is a manual meat grinder that functions independently.
  • If you are a budget-conscious person, you’ll want to save a few bucks on your monthly electricity bills. A manual meat grinder will help you score on this front.
  • An electric appliance may go down due to any short circuiting, power failure or any other circuit problem and you’ll have to spend money in repairs meaning you are wasting your money and time. However, if you have a manual meat grinder you are free from all these worries.
  • A manual meat grinder could be washed as a whole unit in a dishwasher because there is no electric circuit in it and no risk of short circuiting.


  • If you are a big family and grind large quantities of meat on regular basis, a manual meat grinder may not meet your requirements or you could pull your muscles even if you have enough power in your arms.
  • A manual meat grinder needs a balanced surface where you’ll clamp it. If your table or the countertop has extended lips, you can’t clamp the unit adequately.

As mentioned, manufacturers are still making manual meat grinders because many people still want to grind their meat in this way.

We have chosen one of the best manual meat grinders for our review today…

Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker Review– Best Manual Meat Grinder

Still getting ground meat from the market because you don’t have the budget to buy a meat grinder for your kitchen? Why on earth are you feeding your children anything when you don’t have any idea what the ingredients in it are? Stop eating foods full of preservatives and get yourself a 3-in-1 kitchen tool, the Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker. For a modest sum you are can enjoy all-new flavors in your daily meals with a manual meat grinder.

The Norpro meat grinder is a single unit with multiple functions to add texture to your foodstuffs. No need to mess up your kitchen’s countertop with lots of appliances that are otherwise necessary tools to clear everything on your dining table when needed. If you are a small family and need ground meat periodically, rather than getting a separate mincer and pasta maker, go for the Norpro meat grinder instead.

norpro meat grinder-Best manual meat grinderFeatures

Compact Design: A multi-functioning manual meat grinder useful for both mincing and pasta making

Space Saver: A multitasking kitchen tool that will save space and budget at the same time while providing great variety of ideas for food preparation

Suction Base: A secure suction base with locking key to bind with the countertop

Cutting Blade: A durable and sharp stainless steel cutting blade

Mincing Plates: A set of two mincing plates with coarse and fine sizes included

Pasta Attachments: Rigatoni, spaghetti and linguine pasta attachments provide you to choose the right one for your need

Sausage Funnel: Comes with a sausage funnel attachment for easy preparation of different sausages


  • A lightweight (2.2 pounds), simple, and modish make unlike the old clumsy models in the manual meat grinders class.
  • Easy to clean and store when not in use due to its compact design
  • An extended set of accessories, 3 in 1 kitchen appliance for easily preparing fresh foods and sausages to meet the whole family’s taste
  • The perfect choice for the areas where electricity is not available or load shedding is frequent
  • Very cheap product, everyone can easily afford to spend a few dollars to add flavor in their home kitchen
  • Could be attached easily to a countertop or table with a secure suction that locks with a key preventing the machine from leaving its place
  • To make the grinding process easier; the unit comes with a long handle giving more control


Fat and sinew repeatedly stick and jam the grinder; however, you can run the handle in the opposite direction or dismantle the unit to remove the offending pieces

How To Make Best Use Of It

Fix the grinder with a secure suction to a table with a surface close to an edge. If the table or countertop has extended lips it would be a hassle to anchor the unit. Cut the meat into small pieces and put them in a freezer for half an hour before grinding to add maximum texture. If the unit gets clogged due to fat and sinew, turn the handle in the opposite direction. If the problem is still there, disassemble the parts to remove these patches. Avoid putting bones in the auger; this unit does not have the capacity to grind bones. Wash the parts after grinding with warm soapy water and dry the metallic parts immediately to avoid corrosion.

Who This Product Is Best For

The Norpro manual meat grinder is perfect for singles, couples, small families or occasional users. It’s also great for remote areas where power is not available or load shedding occurs frequently. If you want to grind hundreds of pounds of meat at a time, don’t buy this product. Some people don’t like electric appliances, so it’s best for them to get a Norpro meat grinder instead. It’s the perfect design for poorer families that can’t afford to buy expensive meat grinders.

What people Are Saying About It

This is an extremely well-reviewed meat grinder. The key strengths areas of the product are its compatibility, secure suction, lightweight, style, and versatility. Another strong area is its price tag making it highly affordable for all users.

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Manual meat grinders are the best choice for budget conscious people.

They are economical in their price, power consumption, and space requirements.

Manual meat grinders are best for individuals, couples, small families and those who grind meat on and off.

The Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer and Pasta Maker is among the best examples of a manual meat grinder. The efficient grinding capability, ease of use, very economical pricing and compact design make this product tough to beat. Cleaning and storage of the grinder is simple.

Mince vegetables and meat, make sausages with sausage stuffing or make pasta for your kids with the same unit.